Welcome to Northern Lights Development. My name is Armando Petruzziello, president and owner of Northern Lights Development. I build homes, the homes people dream of.

Brought up in family with a construction background, I was around the home building process from a very young age. At the age of 10, I watched my parents dream home being built. Watching the process of building a home really sparked my interest and I knew even then that building homes would become my career. I started working in these homes as an electrician. My own electrical company was founded at the age of 19. By the time I built my first house when I was 24, I was hooked, I fcll in love with the whole process, from blueprint to finished product.

You can rest assured that if something doesn't meet our quality control standards, it will be done over until it is right. We provide more than the "minimal technical requirements." We do quality work, which I personally oversee at every step of the process. We use only the highest quality custom design kitchens, high-end state of the art appliances, quality hardwood floors, fine detailed finish trim work, and the best tile and marble flooring in the industry. That is what you can expect when choosing to build with Northern Lights Development.

Armando Petruzziello,