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Walkways are a great way to improve the appearance of your home, but they also greatly decrease the chances you will slip and fall during the icy winter months. A well maintained stone walkway can last generations. There so many different ways to make a walkway your own. The type of stone, their configuration and their color combine to make a unique functional work of art that will spruce up the appeal of any home.

Homeowners give great importance to their patio area. There are many advantages that a patio can offer a homeowner, all of which contribute both to the quality of the home as well as the quality of life. Their benefits go far beyond making a home look great. Here are four advantages of a patio. Another added advantage of installing a patio to your home is that it offers an excellent place to entertain particularly for homeowners who have smaller houses. You can bet that entertainment factor of patio is among the defining reasons as to why most people consider having them installed. Along with the advantages of entertainment area comes the rise in value for your home.

Retaining walls can be quite beautiful, adding permanent complexity to your property. Our expert masons build beautiful stone creations to fit your desires and specifications that will last generations. Retaining walls play a critical role in the protection of structures from damage related to soil collapse, but many property owners are unaware of just how integral these walls are to the overall health of their property. Properly constructed and well-maintained retaining walls not only mitigate soil erosion and wash-out after excavation, but also keep soil from collapsing. Soil collapse can put your building at risk for damage and any bystanders in physical danger, so it’s vital to maintain your retaining walls properly, and to understand their role in the protection of your home or commercial space.

Roger B Sturgis fortunate to have such an experienced workforce. Our roofers have been

Roger B Sturgis Installs and repairs commercial and residential fences of varying types. We have a dedicated fence specialist who does nothing except for Fences! There is a delicate balance between maintaining privacy and maintain ascetics, but we will work with you to provide you with the perfect fence. Our team will safely and efficiently install There are many types of fencing for many different purposes. We install many fences around pools, as is required by MA state law,