Home Maintenance Services

Call or email us for anything and everything! Roger B. Sturgis & Associates wants to be the solution to all of your problems: patchy lawns, bland gardens, peeling paint, cracked driveways or a property in need of beautification. If we cant fulfill your needs, we will recommend someone who can!

Cleaning gutters is just as necessary as it is dangerous. Climbing up ladders to remove leaves, dirt and debris can be quite dangerous. Our crews will do a fantastic job of cleaning your gutters while using the proper safety equipment and safety procedures.

We have the equipment and know-how to blow last years holiday decorations out of the water. We provide holiday installations to many of our commercial clients and are now offering the same service to our residential customers! We can dress 65' trees in Christmas lights or create thanksgiving cornucopias from native plants! Whatever you can think up, we can help!

Growing your own fruits and vegetables is cost effective, healthier and more sustainable! But in order to have a successful crop, it helps to have beds and fencing installed. This will make it easier to isolate your crops as well as keep deer and other curious animals from eating your produce.

If there is a project around or inside your house that seems like too big of an undertaking, we're here to help! We have the man power and desire to help you complete those projects!