Landscape Services

A healthy and beautiful lawn is a wonderful thing indeed! A healthy lawn is more than just a space to run around and enjoy, but is good for the enviroment, increases your property value and quality of life! A lush green yard is easy to enjoy, but not always easy to maintain: unfortunatly good lawn care and maintenance requires more than just regular mowing. With a combination of fertalizations, dethatching, aerating and chemical treatments we can gaurentee that your lawn will look and feel better than ever before. Everybody deserves a lush outdoor lawn to call their own.

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We provide weekly, bi-weekly and monthly mowing services. This includes bagging the grass clippings when necessary, string trimming around all mulch beds and lawn obstacles, as well as blowing all decks, driveways, and patios. Our goal is to leave your lawn in its best condition every time.


Fertilizer is food for your lawn. The more you feed it (up to a point), the more it grows. But the timing that you feed it makes a difference, too. A steady diet of Nitrogen and Potassium will help keep your lawn Lush, Green and Healthy. Our fertilizing experts have decades of experience providing lawns with the food they need, when they need it, so our customers can enjoy thick, green and healthy lawns.

Pesticide Treatments

Pre-emergent herbicides, or weed preventers, control crabgrass and other weeds by stopping their seeds from germinating. An application early in the growing season works wonders; its like vaccinating your lawn against weeds. Weed preventers are not effective against weeds that have already begun to grow, so you must apply them before germination to gain any benefit. Crabgrass, the primary target of lawn weed preventers, normally germinates just after forsythia blooms, so take your cue from Mother Nature.


Weeding is one of those things that everyone needs done and no one wants to do. As tedious as it is, weeding is important because weeds robs your garden, lawn and beds of important nutrients and water that your plants need. Some weeds, such as nutgrass, release chemicals in the surrounding soil that can be harmful to surrounding plants.


There are many advantages to aerating lawns; Improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, Enhanced soil water uptake, Improved fertilizer uptake and use. Reduced water runoff and puddling, Stronger turfgrass roots, Reduced soil compaction. Lawns should be aerated when the grass is actively growing and soil is moist for maximum benefit.

It doesn’t matter whether you are installing a new lawn at a new house, replacing an old lawn at an existing home, or rejuvenating your current lawn, you have options of how the grass seed is applied. Which option is best? It really depends on your particular circumstance There are a few common options for achieving a lush, green lawn.

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Sod Installations

Sod can be rolled out for an immediate green look, It has instant appeal, the initial maintenance to get it established is much easier, and it has a tight root system so few weeds grow into it. However, you have less control over the blend of grass seed that’s going into your lawn.

Hand Seeding

Hand Seeding is the least expensive option. Many landscaper will recommend hand seeding or hydroseeding because from the day of germination the grass seed makes it’s home in the soil that you have in your yard.


Hydroseeding is a fast way to seed large areas Hydroseeding uses a nutrient rich papery mulch to envelope the seeds. This mulch helps to maintain preferred water content and encourages better germination rates than hand-seeding. Hand spreading a layer of seed by below the hydromix insures the seed will be in direct contact with the soil and provides the best results.

Landscape design is design and art tradition, practised by landscape designers, combining nature and culture. In contemporary practice,landscape design bridges between landscape architecture and garden design. Our landscape Designers have decades of experience and take pride in their work, but most importantly, they love what they do! From water features to stone walls.

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Landscape Lighting

Coming home from work can be problematic when arriving home to a house surrounded in darkness. One way to increase the safety and aesthetics around your home is to install outdoor lighting. Outdoor lighting around the home can enhance safety and security and accent the unique features of a home or landscape which adds tremendous value to a property.

Yard/Bed Design

Landscape design is is the traditional art of finding the right feng shui for each individual yard and bridges the gap between landscape architecture and garden design. Our experienced landscape designers combine nature and culture to create your perfect yard. Our landscape Designers have decades of experience and take pride in their work, but most importantly, they love what they do! From water features to stone walls, we will create anything you can dream up.


Deciding which plants to use for your property's landscape can be a challenge. Many factors must be considered, beyond simply choosing the plants you find to be the most attractive. You will need to consider your climate and the amount of time you want to devote to maintenance. You will also need to find plants suitable for exposure conditions, such as sun or shade or dry or rainy weather. Additionally, you should think about what you want your plants to achieve. Are you looking to add shade or privacy to your property? Do you want something fragrant and colorful that will attract birds, butterflies and other wildlife? You should also select landscape plantings that reflect the style of your garden. Most plants suitable for a quaint cottage-style garden will look out of place in an extravagant grotto. We will provide you with an array of options to find the right combination of perennials, annuals and trees just for you.

The primary function of a landscape irrigation system is to ensure that water is spread regularly and evenly throughout any given landscape. Recent technological advancements have allowed us to do more than just watering, we are now able to administer fertilizer and pest control products via the irrigation. Fertilizer injectors are the most efficient way to feed plants by delivering nutrients in a liquid form directly to the roots of the plants. Fertilizer injectors are a fast and accurate way to feed an entire garden, landscape, nursery or greenhouse.

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Your lawn and turf areas are the most important areas to be considered when deciding upon a sprinkler system design. The lawn is the first to brown or diminish in visual quality, therefore the most irrigation emphasis is placed on the lawn. A typical lawn sprinkler layout is designed to cover 100% of the lawn areas with exactly the amount of water that your type of lawn requires. Experience and the right set of tools allows us to install irrigation systems with minimal disturbance to the lawn while maximizing their effectiveness.

Fertalization/Pest Control

Using your irrigation lines for fertilization and pest control is long term solution for lowering lawn care costs. Conventional fertilization and pest control solutions are granules that are absorbed over time, while the 100% organic irrigation solutions are absorbed into the lawn immediately, so there is no need to worry about bare feet or paws picking up chemicals after application.


Winterizing ones irrigation is a must in New england. If there is any water left in the irrigation lines, the lines will most certainly freeze, expand and fracture. This can lead to unnecessary expenses such as irrigation diagnostics and repair. We will also program your irrigation system to accomodate your individual needs. Your irrigation system should activate only when you want it to, lay dormant when you want it to and leave your yard with just the right moisture content.

Trees and shrubs are susceptible to a variety of insect, disease, and health issues. Our Plant Health Care team can perform an assessment of your plants, make appropriate recommendations, and provide treatments as needed. Treatment plans consist of a variety of tree injections, insecticides fungicides to allow your plants to grow healthily and avoid being over run by pests.

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The minerals and nutrients supplied by fertilizer provide the ingredients needed for photosynthesis and Growth. Nitrogen increases Leaf Growth & Color development. Phosphorus Strengthens roots & increases plumage during blooming season, it also improves the trees immune system, which increases it's resistance to diseases. Potassium assists in the Plant's growth cycle, aids in the development of the root system, flowers and fruits.


We use a combination of Dormant oils and Foliage/Bark Sprays to combat pests such as Scale insects, Mites, Wooly Aldegid, Tent Caterpillars, Japanese beetle, Lace Bugs, Bagworms, Birch Leaf Miner, and Aphids.


A combination of Fertilizations and Foliage/Bark Spraying will kill and prevent diseases such as: Apple Scab, Rust, Powdery Mildew, Leaf Spot, Cedar Apple Rust.

Spring and fall cleanups are an important part of landscape maintenance. During the early spring it is important to completely remove any accumulated materials such as brush and thatch. This allows your lawn and plantings to grow freely and to their best potential. Fall cleanups are equally important to the health of your landscape. With our complete spring and fall cleanups we will completely clear and haul away your yard debris. If you combine a spring clean up with our bark mulch services you can have your property start the season off looking it's best.

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Fall Cleanups

While jumping in the large leaf piles is one option for dealing with all the newly fallen leaves, it isn’t the most practical option. It is important to remove leaves from the lawn soon after they’ve fallen. Lawns need air and light to thrive and grow. Leaves block both of these lawn necessities and may suffocate the lawn, causing brown, dead patches.


Mulching gives your lawn a clean finished look. We offer mulch in a variety of different compositions and colors to match the design of your particular home. it’s also quite beneficial for yard health in a variety of different ways:

  • Reduces the soils evaporation rate
  • Improves water penetration
  • Moderates soil temperature fluctuations
  • Protects shallow root plants from freeze damage
  • Discourages weed growth
  • Improves soil structure and nutrient availability as they decompose

Spring Cleanups

April showers bring May flowers, and as the snow melts away and the sun starts making its way up to the tropic of cancer, it’s your turn to help Mother Nature out with Spring Cleanup. We start by Cleaning up all the leaves, rocks and branches that have accumulated over the winter. We throw down an initial application of fertilizer which will help to wake your lawn up from a state of hibernation. The next step is TLC; reseeding with a variety of grass that will thrive in that particular area.